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  • High-accuracy Extended Reality Platform for your spatial digital data

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    DEMOXR is a unique high-accuracy extended reality (also known as XR or AR - augmented reality) visualization platform. DEMOXR transforms spatial data — BIM, CAD and 3D scans — into descriptive AR visuals to power mobile productivity tools
    DEMOXR automates data conversion for data from any CAD system with STEP file format. Also supported most used VR-ready model formats like FBX, OBJ and GLB with embeded texture.
    The XR visuals are generated  in real-time and placed in space and thay are editabled and sharer them with any colaboration  users

    Digital Twin & Maintenance with XR

    Digital twins in augmented reality combine virtual replicas of physical objects or systems with augmented reality technology, enabling users to visualize and interact with them in a realistic and immersive manner. This integration enhances decision-making, simulation, and optimization processes across industries.

    AR-powered digital twins have diverse applications across industries. For example, architects can use them to visualize building designs in specific locations, engineers can simulate the performance of machinery, and healthcare professionals can practice complex medical procedures in a virtual environment.

    Overall, digital twins in augmented reality provide a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds, allowing users to interact with virtual replicas of real-world objects and systems in a dynamic and immersive manner.

    Training & support

    Training and support in virtual reality involve using virtual reality technology to provide immersive and interactive experiences for training purposes and remote assistance.

    Users can engage in simple simulations, receive step-by-step guidance, and interact with virtual objects, leading to enhanced learning outcomes and improved support services.


    Layouting workfield with augmented reality involves utilizing digital overlays and virtual elements to plan and design the physical space. Augmented reality technology allows users to visualize and manipulate objects virtually within their real-world environment, enabling precise positioning and customization of furniture, equipment, and other elements. This approach enhances the accuracy, efficiency, and creativity of workfield layouting, providing a dynamic and interactive experience for designers and stakeholders.

    Design review

    Design review in the context of augmented reality involves using virtual overlays and digital models to assess and evaluate the design of a product, space, or concept. By overlaying virtual elements onto the real world, stakeholders can visualize and interact with the design in a more immersive and realistic manner, allowing for better understanding and analysis of its features and functionality. This technology enables collaborative discussions, real-time feedback, and the identification of potential design improvements, ultimately leading to more informed and efficient decision-making processes.

    Reality Capture in Augmented Reality

    Reality Capture is performed using the DEMOXR app or a variety of methods offered by DEMOXR partners, and it often requires nothing more than a camera phone to complete.

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